Shoplifting & Theft Offender Program


What is S.T.O.P.?

S.T.O.P is a diversion program for 1st time offenders  to learn from their choices and to develop tools to  make better decisions in the future. If the program is successfully completed with no other charges, the case is submitted to the District Attorney for DISMISSAL. Completion in the program results in a voluntary dismissal of the charge and is less than the cost of court.


Referrals to the program may be referred by: Magistrates, District Attorney, Judges, and Defense Attorneys (pending approval from the District Attorney).


There is a $95.00 fee for the Young Adult Offender Program: $60.00 (Clerk of Court) for dismissal of charges and $35.00 (Conflict Resolution Center) for the LifeSkills Workshop.

Program Requirements

The program requirements: Intake Appointment, pay Program Fee($95), participate in a 3-Hour Workshop, pay restitution to store or individual, write formal letter of apology, and complete 24 hours of community service.

Qualifying Cases

Shoplifting, Misdemeanor Larceny