Sentencing Circles


Circle Sentencing will include those harmed by crime/negative behavior, those who commit crime or are truant, and the community to determine the most effective response to a crime or social problem that will promote healing and safety for everyone. The Circle will develop support for those harmed by crime/negative behavior, create a sentence for those who commit crime or are truant and support them in fulfilling the obligations of the sentence, and strengthen the community to prevent future crime/negative behavior.

The Circle process will:

  • honor the presence and dignity of every participant
  • value the contributions of every participant
  • emphasize the connectedness of all things
  • support emotional and spiritual expression
  • give equal voice to all*

Circle Sentencing will empower communities, namely all those are affected by crime/social problems, to actively participate in the response to violence and social problems.  In this way, Circles will enhance the justice system by holding the youth accountable to the community in which he or she resides.

Alcohol/Drugs/7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens


  • For Marijuana
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  • For Underage Drinking

  • For 7 Habits